About Clarenzy, Providing transparency in consumer products

Clarenzy comes from Clarenz. Clarenz means very knowledgeable & intelligent according to Kabalarians.com. It means someone who challenges each new idea before accepting it with a “know it all” attitude. This aligns well with Clarenzy’s target audience who look for more information beyond the label of the products and do not easily choose products that they are exposed to as a result of the marketing hype.

Clarenzy is also in the same tune with transparency, which has been at the core of what we do. Clarenzy is a transparency platform that helps conscious consumers in clarifying assumptions by clearing up the ambiguity about the product and the brand behind it.

In Clarenzy, we connect conscious consumers with transparent brands.

As a brand owner, you have no idea how to be transparent and build trust and sustainable brand awareness? Clarenzy is your go-to platform, assisting your brand in your transparent brand marketing

As a conscious consumer, you are looking for a one-stop shopping guide? Clarenzy facilitates your buying decision while providing comprehensive sustainability transparency data.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to write to us! leyli@clarenzy.com or Book a call here: