Brand Requirements

The following requirements are necessary to consider to get featured on Clarenzy:

You must sell your products on your own website.

If you are a brand or product owner and you sell your products on other (third-party) websites, we, unfortunately, cannot make referrals to them according to our terms of use and privacy policy.

You need to follow the instructions in the submission form.

Product/brand/production images:

To process with your information and share your brand and products on Clarenzy, you must upload the required type of images: (1) high-quality, (2) small file (max. file size is 3 MB), (3) square-size, preferably 500 x 500 images, and (4) With white background.

Your product images need to stand out from the crowd, both on Clarenzy, your website, and on external search engines. Make sure that your product images are attractive for both desktop and mobile buyers, as they play a huge role in how successful you are in attracting customers and growing your conversion rate. The right image can make all the difference. Notice the light, contrast, and colors to be balanced.

Have your content proofread.

Review the content you submit for possible typos, grammatical errors, or problems that can adversely impact the potential customer.

Share a powerful brand/company description:

Start with a basic outline including the most important points about your business story, make sure to include what your brand/company stands for.

Define and indicate how you are different in terms of being fair-trade, caring about the ethics, organic/eco-friendly/sustainability factors, using locally-sourced materials/ingredients, etc.

Tell the story behind your company/brand to attract potential customers.

Share accurate, correct, and complete information.

There is a long way to transparency and gaining your customer’s attention in your brand/products. Remember that every journey begins with the first step. To build trust and reach out to more customers, it is required to share trustworthy information and show that your brand is reliable for the consumer.