Eco Earth Market

Founded, the UK by a wildlife biology student in 2019.

Eco Earth Market is the #1 Marketplace for the Ethical Goodies You Love.

Our mission is to work towards our very own Eco Earth. We promise to always think from an ecological perspective first, and as a business second.

We think eco-friendly shopping should be accessible and affordable.

We care about all life on Earth. Yes… That’s you too!

Our marketplace is full of bamboo and plant-based goodies for your kitchen, office, and bathroom. Delivered in 100% recycled kraft packaging.

Sustainability is a very important aspect of our Market. Which is why we plant one tree for every order at Eco Earth Market.

In 2020, we are working with a US non-profit, One Tree Planted to plant trees in Australia.  As of January 2020, nearly 15 million acres of bush has been lost to devastating wildfires. Together we are working to rebuild these forests and give back to nature. That’s because working together makes us better!

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