Fferal Ethical Clothing


Fferal Clothing was born as an antidote to fast fashion. We’ve created a series of permanent collections, and we don’t do seasonal newness for the sake of it. Since its launch in 2017, Fferal’s timeless pieces have become loved for their comfort and style. They are well-designed, long-lasting, and intentionally gender-neutral, so you can hand-me-down, recycle, and up-cycle to your heart’s content – and Mother Nature’s delight!


* Our clothing is ethically-made by people who earn a living wage.
* We only use materials that are vegan, organic, and recycled or responsibly sourced.
* We minimize plastic waste in the making and shipping of our clothing.
* We offer advice on circular fashion – how to preserve the life of your products and then recycle or upcycle them so they do not go to landfills.
* Our collections, although evolving, are permanent. We don’t do fast fashion.

Throughout the journey from cotton field to customer doorstep, we’ve worked hard to minimize our impact on the environment. All of our cotton is vegan and sustainably sourced in India. Our pieces are made in Portugal by people earning a proper living wage. We have a 7 year relationship with Fernando who owns and runs our Portugese factory. He treats his machinists like family, recycles, and runs his processes with minimum waste. Why? Because he has always done things in this ethical way, and he wouldn’t entertain doing it in any other.

We never use labels, swing tags or plastic bags. And when Fferal products do eventually meet their end of life, they fully biodegrade within six months. So you can relax in the softest bedding and comfiest loungewear knowing it won’t cost the earth.

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