Iron Roots

Workouts; they give us energy, goals to achieve, but most of all, they make us feel good. At Iron Roots, we not only want you to feel good about your workout, but also about what you’re wearing during your workout.

More than 90% of all athletic apparel is made from plastics like polyester and nylon. Every time when you wash them, tiny pieces of plastic get released. These tiny pieces are called microplastics, and they can end up polluting our oceans.

At Iron Roots, we make an alternative for this; natural athletic apparel made from sustainable materials like hemp, beechwood, and eucalyptus. These materials are not only sustainable, they also have good properties for sports. Eucalyptus, for example, is antibacterial and keeps your body cool during workouts. By combining design, functionality, and sustainability, we aim to change the sportswear industry for the better.

To make sure that all our clothing is produced fairly, we have selected local, GOTS certified factories (in Portugal and Greece), which we have a close relationship with, visit regularly, and from whom we know that they are dedicated to fair production standards. Since we are located in The Hague, in The Netherlands, these factories are not that far from where we are located.

We are also committed to broader sustainability goals. Some examples of this are, worldwide carbon neutral shipping, and plastic-free packaging.

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