Râr Natur

Rar Natur is a small company from Bornholm island in Denmark that produces pure plant-based skincare products.

Our vision:

We have a vision of developing the best products for your skin – from pure nature-based ingredients, as nature has everything that our skin needs.

Our products:

Rar Natur brings the healing power of nature in a jar for you.

Everything that we put on our skin will get absorbed and find the way to the cells inside the body. That is why we need to use non-toxic, healthy, and natural products.

Our products are made from hand-picked raw materials with a special focus on high-quality ingredients to restore, protect, and maintain the skin’s health.

Most of the ingredients are organic. More than 99,4% of the ingredients come from natural sources. The remaining 0,3% – 0,6% of our ingredients are preservatives that are normally used in the food industry.

All products are handmade in a local production hall.

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