Terre Verdi

Our range of certified organic skin care products has been formulated with both the family and the environment in mind, using the very best organic ingredients to nourish and care for our skin. Terre Verdi is one of the first UK-based companies to gain COSMOS Organic accreditation by the Soil Association, as well as being Cruelty-free approved and Vegan. With passion and dedication, we have created an exceptional and 100% natural skincare range.

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Sicilian beauty and family values

Having grown up in Sicily, I find inspiration from Mediterranean flowers, plants, and fruits, such as neroli, geranium, pomegranate, orange, to name a few. The beauty and abundance found in these green landscapes (Terre Verdi) are reflected in our products’ textures and scents. When you use the Terre Verdi products, I want to take you on a SPA journey!

The family is at the heart of what we do, and the products in our range are unisex. My husband and children enjoy using skincare as much as I do, so I formulated these products for them as well!

A Holistic Approach

There are no synthetic ingredients in the range, as I believe nature has gifted us all that we need already. These formulations are made of 100% botanical composition and follow a holistic approach, where both the mind and the body are important and need to be considered. The aromatherapeutic benefits of our products go hand-in-hand with their skin benefits. For example, uplifting neroli is found in a few of our products, as it has the benefit to elevate your senses and mood.

Our formulations have been created to be effective and to deliver great results without unnecessary fillers. Our eco-luxury products are packed with actives to tackle issues such as aging, skin imbalances, muscle aches, etc.

I believe that the organic content should be as high as possible, therefore you will find the highest organic concentration possible in our products, and each concentration will be shown on the labels. There is no point in calling a product organic if only a very small percentage is organic.

You will benefit from receiving the freshest products when you place your orders, as we craft them by hand in small batches in an artisanal way. Each product shows an expiration date, that confirms our commitment to excellence.

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