For Companies

In today’s world customers are more and more aware of ethical brands and eco-friendly products. In Clarenzy, we try to be not only a guide for the customers to making decisions but also a transparency reference for the information the public judge you on, because how people see you and your brand is the basis of building trust. We welcome every company that is interested to join us, who care for the customer and are willing to share their product and production information with their consumers.

If you are a brand, in order to inform your customers we share your:

  • The complete list of raw materials and ingredients that you use in your products and their origin
  • The complete information about your suppliers
  • Public information on the production process
  • Ethics in production
  • Business ethics

Please be noted that:

All the information is only to provide trustworthy information leading the customer to more educated shopping. We never ask for confidential information about any of the above-mentioned cases.