Agni Peace Silk Scarf


Agni Peace Silk Scarf


Description :

Agni Peace Silk Scarf with bold geometric designs in mustard yellow, black, and grey with white accents. Combined together the color blocks create this elegant scarf. Handwoven in pure Eri silk, this scarf is luxurious and can be reused multiple times. You can style it to complement various different outfits. The designs are inspired by basic geometric shapes and carefully executed by hand to give the wearer a unique feel. Appropriate for every season and easy to drape, this scarf will definitely be a worthwhile addition to your wardrobe.

Instructions :

Dry clean only and always keep in the dust bag provided

Production Description :

The Eri peace silk designer scarf is a favorite across seasons. It is a timeless scarf that can easily mix and match with a range of colors Each organic silk scarf is handcrafted. The yarn is woven without harming the silkworms- hence we fondly call it the peace or Ahimsa Silk. Once the weaver has spun the fabric the printers start block printing each piece. Though we carefully inspect every piece, there can be minor imperfections that set it apart from a machine-made scarf. In some ways, the human imperfections connect you to the designers and weavers located in a village in remote India whom you can help by being a proud owner of an Aeshaane scarf.


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Name : Urban Medley Company

Name : Urban Medley

Description : Urban Medley as a brand was ideated to bring handmade, sustainable products to the conscious consumers. Products that reflect centuries old artisanship making each piece exclusive and unique. Though the products are all handmade as per old world styles of weaving and printing they have been designed to blend perfectly with contemporary fashion. They are minimalistic all season and timeless. The brand works with artisans from various parts of India, helping to empower them and in the process promote sustainable slow fashion. Presently the brand is working with peace silk, whereupon the silkworm is not killed within the cocoon but you wait for the silkworm to morph into a moth, discard the cocoon and then from the discarded cocoon the silk yarn is woven. We work with kala organic cotton, an indigenous variety of organic cotton which is completely rain fed and no chemical pesticide is used on the crop. The founder of the brand Shayonti Chatterji, is passionate about preserving and promoting the traditional arts and sharing the stories behind each scarf. The brand believes in-It’s important we buy better to be able to buy less. For each order placed on the website a tree is planted to make a small difference to our environment. Our Silk scarves are  handmade. the fabric is woven in handlooms, after the warn is spun out of discarded cocoons by  hand, and then each scarf is  hand block printed.