LISBON Organic Cotton Top


Certified organic cotton 3/4 sleeve top, super soft and light


Description :

Tackle any day in style with this 3/4 sleeve top, comfortable with a feeling of well being throughout the day. Made of the most comfortable and soft organic cotton, with a beautiful ruffle effect on the sleeves. This top is ideal to go from more formal to a dress-down casual style. The sustainable organic cotton is breathable and its regular fit is flattering but slightly loose flowing around you like a second skin. SIZE - S/M L/XL

Instructions :

DETAILS: Fine and soft 100% organic cotton fabric Dyed with low-impact dye Elbow lenght sleeves Relaxed fit Designed and manufactured ethically in Portugal. Plastic-free packaging Model wears size S/M CARE: Gentle machine wash at 30º Wash with similar colours Iron on reverse Do not bleach

Key Benefits :

Without harmful chemicals, pesticides or artificial colors, our certified organic cotton is ideal for allergy sufferers and sensitive skin. Our product is ethically manufactured in Portugal from beginning to the end, using eco-friendly and fair-trade practices. In the end we pack everything in fully recyclable and naturally biodegradable packaging

Production Description :

Our models are designed and created to be adapted to various styles and to make us feel comfortable when we use them. Our clothes are made in small local factories. We prefer to employ local workers rather than in large factories.

Environmental Considerations :

We´ve worked very hard to make sure that our clothing company materializes a sustainable way of dressing (and living!). We want to be more than a fashion trend, we want to raise awareness about sustainable clothing. That´s why our cotton is 100% organic and GOTS certified, a “green” standard to all organic cotton. It comes from plantations where no pesticides, toxic fertilizers or GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) are ever used. An in the top off all, less ecological print: organic cotton uses 88% less water and 62% less energy. Conventional cotton uses about 16% of insecticides and 7% of pesticides globally that end up in the soil, the atmosphere, watercourses, contaminating everything we breathe, eat and drink. There are more good´s in using organic cotton, and confort is one of of the most important. Due to the maintenance of it´s natural properties, the cotton is lightweight and smooth, and also hypoallergenic. We also use cork, another 100% natural, hyppoalargenic and comfortable raw material that lives abundantly in the natural portuguese landscape. On top pf that, were aiding the increase of Cork Oak forests in Portugal. They in turn, will retain CO2 (globalwarming’s best friend), creating unique ecosystems, which contribute to healthy soil and the regulation of the hydraulic cycle. A beautiful green story which can last for over 300 years - the lifespan of a Cork Oak.


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Name : TOA - The Organic Apparel

Description : TOA is proudly Portuguese and ethically green. The idea of ​​a sustainable brand was born out of our love for nature and animals. Parents of two lovely children, we decided to create an ecological and sustainable range of clothes that embraces nature and brings it to our daily life. From our house in the countryside, we create a brand that combines two raw materials - organic cotton and cork, both eco-friendly and vegan materials that are ingrained and intertwined with Portuguese tradition. Our tradition! Everything in our TOA collection has Portuguese DNA in it: the inspiration that comes from our beautiful natural landscapes, the charismatic materials that replicate what for generations has been a staple in our culture and the wise hands of local workers that make our clothes with love and dedication and within the right principles - eco-friendly, cruelty-free and fair trade. With our green apparel, we offer you comfortable, versatile and timeless clothing, with zero harmful chemicals and absolutely no animal testing, that inspires the slow fashion. TOA clothing is versatile, long-lasting and fun and our rhythm is slow fashion. Welcome to our world!

Year Founded : 2019

Worker Benefits : TOA – The Organic Apparel’s clothing production is developed by sewing workers professionals in small local businesses. We empower professionals and the local micro-economy in the name of social equity, fair trade and a world that embraces diversity.

Website :

Name : The Organic Apparel

Description : Our idea for an organic brand comes from our love of nature and animals. We saw what humans are doing to the planet. To the oceans, to nature and animals and we want to help start changing people’s minds. By creating an ecological clothing brand, that combines casual and social, we started by changing the consumerism that people currently have. Our clothes only use 100% organic cotton, without any mixture. To preserve the quality that we want in our apparel and to distinguish our pieces, we decided to use cork, a product that is typically Portuguese and natural. The cork came from the cork oak trees that exist in Portugal and it’s very soft and washable. It looks like leather but it’s natural. Our models are designed and created to be adapted to various styles and to make us feel comfortable when we use them. Our clothes are made in small local factories. We prefer to employ local workers rather than in large factories. It is our way of being and living. We hope you get to know our brand a little better and what led us to create it. And we know that. . . if you try, you will love it. Our clothes are made in small local factories. We prefer to employ local workers rather than large factories.