Revive Mist Toner


A restorative face mist with pumpkin seed extract, lavender hydrosol, peppermint hydrosol, and active botanicals to hydrate, brighten and illuminate the skin.


Description :

A refreshing pick-me-up for dehydrated skin, Revive Mist Toner is an everyday indulgence that restores moisture levels, protects against environmental pollutants, and revitalizes mature skin to reveal its natural, radiant glow. Revive Mist Toner contains a unique blend of organic ingredients such as colloidal silver, lavender hydrosol, and peppermint hydrosol to soothe sensitive skin, repair photo-damage caused by free radicals, and boost hydration levels while gives you a cooling sensation. It also contains active botanicals such as pumpkin seed extract to plump the skin for a youthful complexion, reishi mushroom extract, and agave leaf extract to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Colloidal silver, recognized worldwide for its acne-clearing properties, eliminates bacteria and works actively against inflammation and irritation to leave the skin clean, sanitary, and sparkling. Perfect for sensitive skin, and adult skin prone to breakouts, our hydrating facial mist works its magic with silver particles. Revive Mist Toner is formulated with all-natural plant-based ingredients, and it is both hypoallergenic and cruelty-free. With antioxidant and anti-aging properties, it protects the skin against external elements while restoring hydration levels to fight the first signs of aging. An everyday essential for the modern woman, Revive Mist Toner is suitable for all skin types and particularly beneficial for mature and sensitive skin. The perfect pre or post-makeup tonic, this luxurious anti-aging elixir is light, refreshing, and absorbs in seconds to reduce redness and brighten the complexion. Just a few spritzes will leave you feeling fresh and dewy all day long.

Instructions :

Close eyes, spray over face and neck. Use throughout the day to refresh and hydrate dry skin. Used before and after cleansing, or other makeup application to give you a dewy complexion.

Key Benefits :

- Natural anti-aging face mist that hydrates the skin for a youthful glow - Enriched with colloidal silver to calm acne and skin irritations - Soothes sensitive skin and reduces redness - Protects against daily pollutants that cause premature aging - Plumps the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles - Works as both a primer and a makeup setting spray

Production Description :

All our products are handmade in small batches in Macau.

Environmental Considerations :

We try to minimize our packaging materials, so we did not provide any paper boxes for this product.


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Name : Awareness Organic Skin Care Co. Ltd

Description : We formulate, produce, and offer high-quality and organic skincare products.

Year Founded : 2019

Worker Benefits : We have no employee yet

Social Responsibility : For every product we sell, we donate 1% to "Cool Earth" to help preserve the living environment for us and our next generations.

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Name : Awareness Organic

Description : We have formulated deeply nourishing skincare designed to revitalize matured and sensitive skin. We use 100% plant-based, organic, vegan skincare ingredients combined with ancients' wisdom. At Awareness Organics we work every day to help your lustrous skin fight the first signs of aging and uncover your healthiest glow.

Story : At Awareness Organic we understand what sensitive skin needs. Our Founder, Stella Chiang, is a Lupus warrior. She’s been fighting her disease for almost 20 years and she understands how to calm inflamed skin by using botanical ingredients. Vulnerable skin often has more breakage and issues over time. This often leads to premature aging, redness, rough or pigmented skin with less elasticity. Stella wanted to create a simple, honest, and effective organic skincare. One that specializes in mature, sensitive skin. “My mission is to share how amazing nature’s healing powers are. I’ve created a unique and luxurious experience for the skin using nature’s most exclusive gifts.” Stella Chiang