Rosewood Organic Cotton Dress


Rosewood polka dot dress made of certified organic cotton. Custome-Made

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Description :

About the product

Colour of compassion (Rosewood), semi umbrella, polka dot, full sleeves made of Certified organic cotton fabric.
Tailor fit.
Fabric and Certification:
  • Made of 100% Certified Organic Cotton.
  • Dyed with Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) approved inks and dyes.
  • This garment is made in a transparent supply chain, which worked with Fairtrade Certified farmers.


S, M, L, XL Our sizes are cut for the following body measurements :
  • Size XS Bust- 32 in Waist- 26 in Hip-34
  • Size S Bust- 34 in Waist- 28 in Hip-36
  • Size M Bust- 36 in Waist- 30 in Hip-38
  • Size L Bust- 38 in Waist- 32 in Hip-40
  • Size XL Bust- 40 in Waist- 34 in Hip-42
These are the body measurements of each size, not the size of the Garment. We add 3 inches to approximately to each body measurements to give the right Fit and shape (Regular fit) and 2 Inches to the body measurements for Tailored fit.
  • Tailored fit- Garment is made to fashion industry standard measurements, close-fitting to the body
  • Regular fit-Garment is made to fashion industry standard measurements, easy fitting to the body.
  • Oversize fit- Garment is made to one and half times fashion industry standards, very easy fitting to the body.
Feeling unsure about your size contact our customer care, they will guide you to the perfect size for you.
The fit of an item may vary, depending on cut, style & fabric.
Age, Size, and Fit doesn’t define you, it's your attitude that defines you.


Cotton made by A&A Eco Products from India.


We use eco-friendly materials to pack our products.


This product is handmade in our studio.

Instructions :

Handwash/gentle machine wash at 30*C

Key Benefits :

Environmentally speaking, organic cotton is said to be the better cotton–replenishing and maintaining soil fertility and promoting biologically diverse agriculture. No pesticides or fertilizers are used in producing cotton.

Production Description :

Made to order only as per requirements of the customer. All our garments are washed and iron before dispatch. Handmade at our studio. We are on a mission to upcycle the leftover fabric rather than waste it. We want to celebrate slow fashion and the beauty of craftsmanship.

Environmental Considerations :

Wear your clothes a little bit longer, wash them less, and hang them to dry. Just being a little more mindful and aware of what you support is the key. No pesticides or fertilizers are used in producing the cotton & only natural and AZO-free dyes are used for dyeing, making this fabric completely non-allergic.


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Name : Priyami organics

Description : It all started in the spring of 2019 after years of research and groundwork. Then corona pandemic put a stamp on our decision because we saw the change in the environment and its effect on us. Our Parents are definitely our biggest role models and source of inspiration. They installed all the right qualities in us and had always been acting out their teachings. We are strong and trustworthy, thanks to them. Sustainability is a part of our upbringing. Wastage was a big no in our family that we try to inculcate in our brand using a zero-waste policy. My sister(Rakhi), an artist, designer, worked with an NGO and was directly involved with artisans for many years. I(Neeta), am a marketing person. Our goal is to make life better for future generations. We are still learning, of the many ways that we need to continue to raise the standards of the fashion industry, through a powerful way with words and actions that bring truth into the light.

Year Founded : 2019

Worker Benefits : Working on it.

Social Responsibility : Working will be finalized in one or two months.

Website :

Name : Niradi

Description : Niradi is a Hindi word, derived from two words “Nira + Adi”, which means “Exclusive beginning”. An exclusive beginning of “Organic fashion wear” for women. Niradi brand deals exclusively in premium women's fashion wear. Every exclusive offering is handcrafted and hand-embroidered by women artisans, using Certified Organic fabrics and Eco dyes. The pieces we create are timeless clothing. Our collections can be worn year on year, which will withstand the test of time even after many washes. We want you to love what you wear so that you can keep it in your wardrobe for a long long time. Why Niradi: Organic and Sustainable – Our collections are made of GOTS (Global organic textiles standard) & Max Havelaar guideline for sustainable fabrics. We use certified fabric like linen, cotton, hemp, modal, lotus, etc. These materials will naturally decompose at the end of their life. Artisan craft – All hand embroidery is done by local ladies, helps them to improve their livelihood. Handmade – All the collections of NIRADI is made to order and handmade by tailors and artisan. Made in India – All the products are 100% made in India at our Studio. This helps to support local artisan and community. We Support sustainable development and ecological balance in human life. About 25% of world insecticide, more than 10% of the world’s pesticide goes to cotton crops. A big effort in this movement is to use growing systems that replenish & maintain soil fertility & build biologically diverse agriculture. Every product is made to the highest ethical environmental standard from start to finish. We seek to bring together a community that shares the same values and is interested in sustainable as well as stylish apparel. We use only GOTS Certified fabric to create garments, follow MAX HAVELAAR guidelines for sustainable fabric & Oeko-Tex Certified Inks, for dyed fabric. We use natural materials for packaging to avoid plastic and toxic substances.

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