Tabard, Emerald Green n Pink


Free size CapeTop can be worn in a relaxed, oversized fit with our without a belt.


Description :

Tabard, Emerald Green n Pink, Primed for summer, this regular fit version with draw-string sleeve fastenings has been cut from a soft upcycled sari cotton layered and handcrafted for a relaxed finish. Pair it with cropped black or navy pants for a lo-fi to the classic look.

Instructions :

cold wash, line dry

Key Benefits :

Using only upcycled and repurposed materials Sunbird is diligent in making sure nothing it puts out there is without purpose. If it's not repurposed, it has other elements: supporting craftsmanship, upcycling preloved vintage saris, or supporting women artisans.

Production Description :

Sunbird takes preloved sari materials and parcels them together layering with more cotton saris and using hand embroidery to hold it all together. Each piece is one of a kind. We take old pieces from our stock that we love in two different colorways, and disassemble and reconstruct them.

Environmental Considerations :

Sunbird is a sustainable brand that features outerwear and accessories. It prioritizes the planet by using upcycled and repurposed materials and reuses offcuts to minimize textile waste. The brand is inclusively sized and features an extended sizing range.


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Name : Sunbird Dhaka

Description : Sunbird is a social enterprise that supports women artisans. It creates ethical unique relevant outerwear from sustainable fabrics, such as rescued old stock materials and repurposed vintage clothing. Sunbird’s upcycled and reversible bags and wardrobe staples are made by fairly paid women who have overdone extraordinary circumstances.

Year Founded : 2016

Social Responsibility : 10% of each sale is handed back to the families of the women artisans in the shape of food and supplies.

Website :

Name : Sunbird KathaWear

Description : SUNBIRD’s fine pieces forged from upcycled materials include reversible vests, shrugs, capes, long wear, short wear, skirts, tunics, slip dresses, and also totes and yoga bags. Shopping with your conscience has never been so easy-or, indeed, so chic.

Story : Whilst raising funds for a women’s shelter for displaced women in Bangladesh Samira (co-founder/designer of Sunbird) came across women who were making throws (Kathas) while going through therapy. The idea of Sunbird as a social enterprise came about through candid conversations around the fate of the Kathas made. For Samira, these colorful vibrant Kathas ensued hope! and a realization soon set in that fair wage employment for these women artisans would be more beneficial in the long run than relying on charity. Sunbird was launched to fulfill its lofty ambition: making ethical outerwear and supporting women artisans.