Twin Eyes T-shirt


Relaxed Fit T-shirt with sleeve prints, dropped shoulders, and above-elbow sleeves.


Description :

This relaxed T-shirt comes in white color and with an edgy sleeve print by Swedish artist Lina Ilves. Designed with a slightly wider round neck, dropped shoulders, and short sleeves. Made of a solid 100% Organic Cotton fabric.

Instructions :

To keep colors from fading wash your clothes as little and as gently as possible. Use 30° eco-wash if available. Hang to dry and save energy. This will benefit the garment's lifetime and our planet.

Key Benefits :

Organic Cotton, Sleeve Prints

Production Description :

All of our garments are made in Braga, Portugal, by Friendly Factories. Sustainable textile production. Oeko-tex certified. "Portugal is known to produce top quality, to respect working conditions, to use premium fabrics and to produce faster than other textile countries" - Friendly Factories

Environmental Considerations :

- No harmful materials or dyes - Sustainable productions with solar energy involved - Climate compensated shipping - Recycled labels and tags


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Description : KOHDU AB is the result of a family of creators with a shared passion for ethical fashion and outside-the-box music. The company started as a cinematic music production service and digital record label back in 2014 with the vision to become a creative platform for music, clothing, and art. In 2018 sustainable clothing becomes the main focus of the company, while staying true to the original vision of the brand.

Year Founded : 2018

Worker Benefits : Currently, the are no external workers, the company consists of only two Co-Owners: Aleksandria Migova, Johan Ilves

Social Responsibility : In progress.

Website :

Name : KOHDU

Description : KOHDU is a manifestation of fashion, music, and art. Our collections draw inspiration from mysticism and the rich heritage of indigenous art, cultured to a contemporary aesthetic. Handcrafted expression, laid-back streetwear cuts, as well as high attention to eco-friendly materials and details are all in the DNA of KOHDU.  KOHDU takes responsibility for our shared ecosystem by building a full circle of sustainability from production to delivery. All our clothing is ethically made in Portugal and we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Our factory partly uses recycled energy for production and is OEKO-TEX® certified. No harmful fossil has been used in the production process for our clothing.

Story : There were a lot of reasons why I wanted to go all-in with sustainable fashion. It’s hard to find organic clothes with unique designs and interesting artwork and I want to change this. Some years ago I watched the documentary “The True Cost” which is about the textile industry and its negative effects on both people and our planet. I was instantly impacted by this subject. And as I’ve been working with customer relations and retail for 15 years already, I decided that it was a perfect time to start my own sustainable clothing brand that will make a difference.

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